PE3-SP002 ECU Yamaha YFZ450R Quad


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The PE3-SP002 Engine Control Unit is designed as a plug and play stand-alone unit for the Yamaha YFZ450R quad as a direct replacement for the factory ECU. With a robust list of features, ease of use and compact size, the PE3-SP002 is a great addition to your Yamaha YFZ450R.

Plug and Play Unit for the Yamaha YFZ450R

PC Based Tuning Software

Ethernet Connectivity (WiFi Capable)

Waterproof Enclosure

Pulse-2-Sync™ MAP Sensor Cam Sync

Drive-2-Tune™ Technology

Dedicated CAN Bus

Up to 20 Hours of Data Logging

Extensive Failsafe Functions

Map Switching

Individual Cylinder Trims

Dual Sensor Closed Loop O2 Control with Adaptive Learning

Sequential or Semi-Sequential Injection

2 Saturated Injector Drivers

Coil-On-Plug or Wasted Spark Ignition

2 Coil Drivers with Built-In Igniters

6 Dedicated Inputs (Crank, Cam, IAT, ECT, MAP, TPS)

6 Analog Sensor Inputs (0-5 Volt) – Up to 2 Temperature Inputs

4 Switched Inputs – Up to 2 Frequency Inputs

10 Configurable On/Off Outputs – 8 PWM Outputs

Idle Air Control

Closed Loop O2 Control

Long Term Learning (LTF)

Idle Air Control

Staged Injection

ECU Comparison Table

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