IAC Stepper Motor Kit

Part Number: 52010001


GM style IAC housing and stepper motor. Sold as shown, including filter. Can be directly connected to the PE3. Allows idle control to be added to virtually any engine that doesn’t already have a idle control motor.



IAC Air Filter, Small

Part Number: 52010002


Small IAC air filter. 1.38" dia x 1.13" tall. Can be used with IAC stepper motor in lieu of part 52010005.






IAC Stepper Motor Housing

Part Number: 52010003


IAC stepper motor housing, aluminum and black annodized.







IAC Stepper Motor and Gasket

Part Number: 52010004


IAC stepper motor and gasket.







Large IAC Air Filter

Part Number: 52010005


Large IAC air filter. 2.0" dia x 1.5" tall. Used with IAC stepper motor.







Automotive Relay

Part Number: 52020001


Automotive relay, 12 V, 30 amp, Single Pole Double Throw, 5 Terminal, Male Pin







Fuel Pump, 200 L/Hr.

Part Number: 52030001


Bosch fuel injection fuel pump. 200 L/Hr at 5 Bar.







Fuel Pump, 95 L/Hr.

Part Number: 52030002


Bosch fuel injection fuel pump. 95 L/Hr at 4 Bar.







Fuel Injector

Part Number: 52060001


52 lb/hr at 43 psi fuel injector. Saturated injector with all stainless steel internal construction.







Smart Ignition Coil

Part Number: 52040001


GM LS9 style high performance 'smart' ignition coil








If you have questions about our products or would like to place an order, please either Contact Us directly, or one of our regional Dealers. To ensure customers get exactly what they need, PE does not currently offer an online shopping cart.



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