PE3 Series ECU:

PE3-8400 ECU

PE3-8400 Flyer

PE3-8400 Data Sheet

PE3-8400 Pin Out

PE3-8400 Example Wire Diagram


PE3-SP000 Flyer

PE3-SP000 Data Sheet

PE3-SP000 Pin Out


PE3-IG001 Flyer

PE3-IG001 Data Sheet

PE3-IG001 Pin Out

PE3-IG001 Example Wire Diagram

PE3 Monitor and PE Viewer Software (for all PE3 ECUs)

peViewer Software Only

pe3Monitor v3.04.39

pe3Monitor v3.04.35

pe3Monitor v3.04.29

Pe3 Monitor v3.03.11

Pe3 Monitor v3.03.05

Pe3 Monitor v3.03.03

User Manuals (for all PE3 ECUs)

PE3 User Manual (software/firmware vers 3.03.XX)



PE-ECU-1 Manual Rev-I


ECU Monitor Version 2.051



Tuning Files


Application Notes:

The pages listed below contain detailed application specific information that is not found in the general user’s manual. Each link is a separate ‘Application Note’ that covers a unique component (sensor, actuator, coil, etc.) or detail on how to use PE products. The Application Notes are numbered and grouped together by category.

Trigger and Sync Definitions

AN000 – Determining Trigger and Sync Settings

AN001 – Honda CBR600 F4i Trigger and Sync Settings

AN002 – Honda CBR600 RR Trigger and Sync Settings

AN003 – Yamaha YFZ450R Trigger and Sync Settings

AN004 – Example Basic 12-1 Trigger and Sync Settings

Sensor Defintions and Calibrations

AN100 – GM 1-Bar MAP Sensor

AN101 – GM 2-Bar MAP Sensor

AN102 – GM 3-Bar MAP Sensor

AN103 – PE Wide Band Lambda Conditioner

Injector Calibrations and Battery Voltage Compensation

Ignition Coil Defintions and Calibrations

AN300 – Subaru COP Ignition

AN301 – Crane Cams 730-0020 Ignition Coil

AN302 – GM LS Ignition Coils

AN303 – Bosch 3-Channel Coil Igniter

AN304 – Bosch 2-Channel Coil Igniter

Communication Topics

AN400 – PE3 CAN Bus Protocol

AN402 – CAN-2-Serial Converter

Misc Actuators

AN500 – PE3 High Current External Driver

Wire Harness Drawings

AN600 – Populated Base Wire Harness, HR-PE3-B01

AN601 – Example 4-Cylinder Wiring with the PE3-IG001

34 Pin Flying Lead Harness

26 Pin Flying Lead Harness

PE3-IG Flying Lead Harness

Misc Topics

AN903 – Adding and Removing Pins from the PE3 Connectors

AN904 – Building Metripack Connectors

AN905 – Building Weatherpack Connectors

Sensor/Connector Information & Datasheets:

Standard Hall Effect Crank Sensor Datasheet

GM Coolant Temp Sensor Datasheet

GM Air Temp Sensor Datasheet

Hardware Drawings:

7.75″ Crank Wheel Drawing

4.0″ Crank Wheel Drawing

2.5″ Crank Wheel Drawing

2.4″ Crank Wheel Drawing (Small ID)

2.4″ Crank Wheel Drawing (Large ID)

PE-ECU-1 Dimensions

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