PE-Dash Kit – Panel Mount


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The PE-Dash allows you to monitor critical engine parameters from the driver’s seat when connected to a PE3 ECU or other compatible ECUs. The PE-Dash gives you the ability to configure warnings, alarms, screen playback and recall min/max values of monitored data with the touchscreen display. The PE-Dash comes with an isolation mount configuration to mount to your dash.

*PE Dash JST Pigtail required if connecting to a PE3 EFI ECU or non-PE3 ECU


See the PE-Dash displayed on Engine Power!

Displays Up to 8 Data Channels

Full Color LCD

Configurable Multi-Touch Display

Visible in Direct Sunlight

Adjustable Brightness

User configured Warning and Alarms

Screen Playback Last Run

Min/Max Recall

PE-Dash Capacitive Touch Screen

Rugged Panel Mount Enclosure

Panel Mount with 4 Vibration Isolators

PE-Dash Communication Cable – 18″

PE3 (8400 Series, SP and IG2)

Hondata (KPro v4 and S300 v3)


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