PE3-IG2 Micro Sprint Ignition Wire Harness


Part Number: 99002015

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Fully terminated ignition wire harness for the PE3-IG2 ECU. Designed for 4 cylinder motorcycle applications with connectors for Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki or Honda. Add sensors to monitor additional engine information and include a relay kit to control your electric water pump or cooling fan.

Other engines not listed will require you to contact us with additional info about your engine and have a 2 week lead time.


Cam or MAP

Coolant Temperature

Ignition Coils x4 PE

Wideband O2 Kit

Fuel Pump/Fan Relay Kit – $60

  • ECU On/Off control of your cooling fan or electric water pump
  • 15 amp max current

Liquid Pressure Sensor – $150

  • 30″ length from ECU to sensor
  • 0-100, 0-200 or 0-1500 PSI options

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